Guide to program Toyota Tundra 2014 G chip key

Here our engineer share the tutorial on programming Toyota Tundra 2014 G chip transponder when all keys lost.


The method works when you cannot get/find the Toyota key code from VIN (and not all Toyota can be done in this way). When you do not have key code, you need to disassemble the dashboard to manually modify immo data.



1. Disassemble immo box and initialize data

Tundra immo box is behind the air conditioning evaporator. We need to disassemble the entire instrument off. Locate the immo box: 625395-000, shown picture below.


Find out 8-foot chip 93C66 in IC circuit. Read 93C66 data with Xprog M, VVDI or TM100 transponder key programmer.


Modify data initialization:

Change OEO line and above to Line 0000 first and second byte to same value. i.e, F3 58, we change OEO line and above to F358.
Change Line 100 6th byte to Line 120 4th byte to F358
Change Line 1A0 6th byte to Line 1C0 4th byte to F358 as well.


Initialization completed.

2. Add key

Re-write data back to 93C66 chip. Solder it back to IC circuit. Reinstall back to immo box.

Turn car ignition ON.

If the red LED immo indicator turns on, the initialization is successfully.
Note: Better use the original data to initialize. Do not write data of other cars.

Program three keys steps:
Insert the master key (immo indicator flashes once off, pull it out and light keeps on)
Insert the master key (immo indicator flashes twice off, pull it out and light keeps on)
Insert deputy key (immo indicator flashes three times off, pull it out and light keeps on)
Programming keys is done. When insert key into ignition, do not need to turn ignition to ON position, insert key for 3 seconds and soon pull it out.

Program only one key steps:

Insert key, don’t switch ignition on. Wait for 5 seconds, the immo indicator stays on. Immo light off after 5 seconds. Pull out the key. Insert the key again, turn ignition ON for 6 times, immo indicator off.

If the programmed key cannot start the car, pull out the key.

Connect 4 pin and 13 pin of the OBD connector, turn ignition ON and wait for 45 minutes. Start car again, the key will work.