How to check BMW DME MEVD is updated or not by INPA

Here’s the instruction help you check/know if his BMW car’s base control unit DME MEVD has been updated or not, especially for the new cars just bought. There is a way to tell it in BMW INPA software.


I have a 2011 135i but I got it recently and don’t know if it has been updated or not. Is there any way to tell? If it has been updated, do I just need a different number than what’s listed in the table?


NOTE from those with experience says in the forum:

“Experience has shown that MEVD1726 isn’t flashable.
That means all Cars Build after 03/2012 are not flashable.
That also means that the Green Numbers in Table are to ignore.


So Don’t flash if your car is after 2013 or got Update by Dealer after 07/2012!”



You need to check with INPA software. Just buy a Chinese INPA K+DCAN cable. INPA will be sent together.


Here’s what it looks like on my 2011 135i.

Your INPA may look a little different and you may need to press different ‘F’ buttons to get to the same place depending on version and scripts but the info below should hopefully get you to where you need to be.

First, connect to the car with INPA and you should see something like this – like I said above yours may look a little different


Here, its then shift + F7 to get this


Then double click ‘Functional jobs’ to get this


Then press F3. The next screen gives you details for each module and, as you can see below, I update my DME/DDE with Zsub 8639122 on 10.08.2015. This is the date you need to check.

This wasn’t actually to flash the PPK but to move me from BMW ROM 9780B which could not be flashed with a BEF to BMW ROM 98G0B which I could flash.


If you want more detailed information about each module, from the first INPA screen press shift + F7 to get this


Then select Engine and double click ‘MSV 80.0 for N52KP (NG6) to get this


The press F3. As you can see below, this will give you further information about your DME including Zsub, when it was updated and ROM version



Hope it helps.