How to replace CONDOR XC-007 motherboard

The following part displays the step-by-step guide of how to get CONDOR XC-007 key cutting machine' motherboard replaced.
replace CONDOR XC-007 motherboard
Step 1:
Take down the total 6 screws on each side of the head cover (follow the direction of arrow).

Unplug one flat cable and two button cables on the head cover. Pay special attention to the card buckle on the cover.
replace CONDOR XC-007 motherboard
Step 2: Take down the 8 crows on the back of the machine follow the direction of arrows.
eplace CONDOR XC-007 motherboard 3
Step 3:
Take down the 4 screws marked arrow above. Draw out the main board together with the fixed mount.

Please record the connection ways of the connecting lines on the board by taking pictures before draw the main board out.