How to solve the problem of idiag Client V3.0

Following is solution to solve the problem of idiag Client V3.0.
About iDiag new version V3.0 ,it can not be logged in;or after logging, the connector is said to be unauthorized.

Here is the solution:

Customers who is IOS system and have updated to V3.0, please uninstall it, and use the V2.8 iDiag client; those wo have not updated to V3.0, please continue to use V2.8 client .

Please Follow the following steps to download idiag cient V2.8.

1: Download “iDiag ipa” from to MAC computer or windows computer

2: Install “iFunbox”  to your MAC computer or Windows computer:

3: Run iFunBox

4: Connect your iPad or iphone to your computer and use “ifunbox” to find your iOS device.

5: click “ install application”

6: select “ iDiag .ipa” and double click, finish installing the ipa file, you can use it.

The cause of this problem is due to the server,when it is switched to overseas, it needs adjustments. LAUNCH technical department has re-submitted APP-STORE , once it is audited, customer can update the client to solve the problem.

 Android Client version

 Please download the client from (Find X431 iDiag from product description, click and download Android client)