MPPS v18 clone read flash remap Audi A4 ECU

I’ve used MPPS v18 clone for a few days. And something wanna share with all A4 owners for diy on cars. All A4 cars here i did from my A4 clubs.

Read ECU:

Mpps clone don’t work very well on some edc16.
For example on my a4 b7 tdi 140
Edc16u31 ecu, mpps can’t wake up my ecu so can’t read.
Another with a transporter tdi 170
Edc16u31 ecu , i can read his ecu.
For my a4, i have bought a Fgtech Galletto v54 clone and it work well


It is hard to damage EDC16 during opening when you are a little bit carefull, you dont have to lift PCB, only remove the cover. Not the hard way like MB EDC16…



Flash ECU:

Please do not flash a a4 me7 with mpps unless you have check summed and checked the file for crc errors. Mpps won’t correctly check sum it. And nor will tunerpro with plugin, only trusted way is to get someone with a full Winols to do it, and then flash with mpps v18.12.3.8 clone.. Actual flashing an a4 is easy, but if it’s not check summed properly it’ll either brick on 2nd ignition or weeks / month down the line




I remap with mpps both on diesel A4’s without issues.

Simple procedure. Only follow the guidelines. Just remember that if the engine fans run whilst i am reading ECU, then unlpug the fan by the main connector behind the N/S headlamp next to the steering fluid reservoir. Don’t want power interruptions whilst reading/writing the eeprom.

Not used before so couldn’t comment on that part.