Recommend a Vito and Audi EZS MCU programmer

I have old cars like Vito and audi ezs, I want to buy a tool which can program MCU. The three MCU programmers are verified working well, they are: xprog m and R270.
1.       XPROG
Most people use Xprog M ecu programmer i.e xprog 5.51,
XProg is also good with auto verify turned off. Remember to lift rest pin not always easy on Mercedes- I got a W203 tomorrow
xprog sometimes revrite flas in 912 durig it is best to read motorola couple times and compare to see is it reading ok.
I read a w209 EZS some time ago with all the cheap clones to test, xprog/r270/r260.
All went fine, but for Xprog had to change USB to one without ferrite bead. Even made little manual:
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2.       R270 programmer
Also most users use r270
Some users even said “always and only used R270 and rosfar always ok never damaged nothing.
Cheap and good its not always necessary to spend much money to get job done.”
If you need link to buy R270, look at this one $129 free shipping:
R270 can quick clear, read and write for M35080 Series including 35080/35080-V6/35080-VP/D80 D0WQ/D160/35160, etc.
User tips: firstly you have to remove M35080 chip and then plug it into the IC socket, this IC socket is designed for M35080 eeprom. Beside, you need to check if it is well-welded with the board? If not well-welded, it means poor communication,then it can’t clear and read the mileage data quickly.