Review on Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool

The news Mercedes key programmer, VVDI MB TOOL has been released at obd365 for a few days. Hot and reputable. Here is the users’ feedback on

(photo by some user who received package)


Customer feedback:

-good company, they make pass read for nec ezs fsb3 and also fix all the functions for key programming as Tango.


-nice and glad, i took the plunge on this


-Just ordered this at obd365, still wait for MB nec bga key solution i have new keys in workshop so i need to use it…….


-Good, found password,only need 4 min


-I’m just before restocking sold MB keys, happy that it can write the china made rewriteable MB keys, because with the one time programmable sometimes fail…


-watch video of the tool add key seems great……then decided to get it from Xhorse


-Focused on this device for some time already…

Benz tools releasing same update at same time, so no need to discover the wheel again.
Price was expected to be around 1k but now it’s double, so is risky invest 2k+…cover the cost of 2k+ invest is a hard and long term job.


-it really works, but it’s not cheap…


-i have mn022, but still waiting on this cause i need something that can read v51 and v57 password from key, almost ordered mn024+abprog but thought also to buy simon touch nec key lite (cheapest solution). But this makes the v51 and v57 psw too, and plus BGA key there is no doubt taking this.

-the benz situation becomes more and more interesting… Audi has a new update and comes more and more close to pro tools. And the Legend has released BGA pass calculation also..