(Solved) Carprog full error “Damaged parts”

These are customer solutions to Carprog full V7.28 errors “Damaged parts -6 or 4” with detailed information like “Damaged parts – ARM7 +4 ARM7(master mcu) can’t be replaced contact seller to repair your device.”



Damaged parts -6

Damaged parts -4

Error message:

Damaged parts – ARM7 +4 ARM7(master mcu) can’t be replaced contact seller to repair your device.

Damaged parts -6

Demaged part -6 means you have broken mcz33290(ISO K Line Serial Link Interface)


If you look at 2 pictures when you click HW test you can see some ic-s with numbers on it, under 6 is mcz33290. You can take it from D1 adapter just for probe – there is mc33660 – its the same;


When the Carprog full  interface came with a problem “Demaged part -6”, tested with A9 and all was ok then.


Damaged parts -4

had a problem with my Carprog clone when connect it to computer and push “Hardware test”. the result is error in some “PIN” a final error is “Damaged 4 parts”.


Now make the A9 Adapter and everything will be OK in the end






Maybe, some guys may be unlucky if even do so. And that is another possible reason:

the Voltage is too large and heat is not good —> overheating then burn the 4th mcu chip. Replace the 4th chip using a heat gun or sent it back to seller to repair your carprog full.
NOTE: solutions above is from caprog users. You may be at risks to try it. OBDII365.com just offers information here but won’t be responsible for it. Good luck!