Star diagnostic SD Connect 4 SSD vs. common HDD

The difference between Mercedes Benz MB Star diagnostic SD Connect Compact 4 , MB Star C3 and Super MB Star C3 diagnostic system SSD (solid-state drive) and common HDD (hard drive).

Benz SD C4 Software SSD VS Common HDD in Terms of Running Speed

D630 with 4GB Time to boot  Time to shutdown Time to use Xentry test one single vehicle model
SSD About 1Min 30Secs  About 20Secs About 2Mins 25Secs
Common HDD About 4Mins About 50Secs About 3Mins 27Secs
D630 with 1GB      
SSD About 3Mins 15Secs About 22Secs About 4Mins 28Secs
Common HDD About 5Mins About 2Mins About 5Mins 07Secs