Super VAG Iscanner KM IMMO OBD2 User Feedback

I spent 275 bucks on this Super VAG Iscanner with software v3.0. Not cheap comparing other VAG scanners. The scanner can work as a km tool, an OBD2 scanner, an ECU IMMO programmer etc. It meets the basic need to whom mainly deals with VAG models, me included. BTW, Xhorse is a trustworthy brand.


My very first test was Skoda Octavia 1.6TDi 2010 who display the wrong odometer 46130 (miles), but actually it runs only 2625 (miles). I have checked the car is supported by Super VAG diagnostic code scanner.


Software was not difficult to install. Simple plugged the Super vag scanner into the OBD diagnostic socket, turn off the ignition switch, the Super VAG iscanner V3.0 software is ready to use. If I am not wrong, simply followed this way: select and go to VAG Diagnostic>>Instrument Cluster>>Special Function>>Change KM >>AutoDetect Instrument, then manually enter the correct km.


NOTE: The scanner display mileage in km, the value you enter should be exchanged miles to KM.




Having kept the ISCANCAR VAG KM IMMO OBD2 code scanner for a nearly two months, I have tested many other models, check what it does and does not below.


Read PIN code & Change odometer for Seat Ibiza 1.9 TDI 2004



Passat 2007 Km change


Golf V2.0 TDi 2007 Pin code reading & odometer correction



Audi A6 2.7TDi 2005 odometer correction by super vag iscanner


Other model tested work:

Passat CC 2014

Golf 5 2009

VW POLO 2002

South Afracan Golf 2009

Audi Q5 and Q7 2008-2012


Tested failed:

Golf V with version dash does not work EDC16


Except odometer correction and pin code reading, the super vag iscanner served excellent as a scanner (good on reading/clearing DTCs, displaying live data etc). It allowed me to code control unit, key learning so on and for forth. I found it is the update version of Super VAG K+CAN But I have to admit that some of these functions, for example odometer correction, key matching, immo code reading are not designed for all VAG group models, I am afraid you have to refer to the vehicle list in before ordering the scanner. The vag obd2 scanner did not disappoint me.