Toyota Techstream Customize Camry Hybrid & FR-S

I end up buying the China Toyota Mini VCI cable with TIS TechStream sofwtare  from

The “real” Techstream package with the cables, CD software is in the ballpark of $26.


I installed and ran Techstream via virtual box on my MacBook with no issues. The key is to use the correct drivers though. I tried to download free TechStream online, but not worked. People in the forum said it should be driver issues.
On a side note: the j2534 cables that come with these kits can be easily hacked to work as an openport (no hardware, just a software hack) with any other software that normally requires an openport uuid like brzedit for $26 vs. $160+.


Did couple of twiks in the the process and successfully updated all Customizable settings in both my Toyotas: Camry Hybrid and FR-S.
Made the sound of locking car more loud (with 3 pushed on remote lock button car makes 2 loud buzzes and one horn beep).
Changed to open trunk with 2 quick clicks on remote.
Silenced the front occupant seat alarm (decided not to silence driver side).
DRL decided not to turn off – but turned it off on Camry.
On Camry change the settings of open/close doors – now with long push on open button – window is rolling down.
Also, when driver door get unlock via remote access – all doors got unlocked.

Anyway, I like it.