UPA USB V1.3 “usb device not recognized” customer solution

Here is the customer solution to UPA USB V1.3 programmer “usb device not recognized” problem.


Does someone has dump for 24lc128 eeprom v1.3r2? My UUSP upa was working fine, and today it say’s usb device not recognized, I try with dump from v1.2 but working only one time after disconnect and connect again same usb device not recognized


Here is dump from upa version 1.3 – for 24c128



If the eeprom dump works fine the first time, but after usb disconnect and reconnect again it show usb device not recognized again, try one of these two solutions:
1)  fill eeprom with FF and after connect it ask me to update eeprom,  update now it’s working fine.

2) you need to change this N15. N15 is fuse, value about 0R.