WIS “No write access for installation folders” solution

When I started installation of MB Star diagnostic WIS standalone 01/2012 on DAS 03/2012 (clean install) on Windows Xp Pro ENG with 1G virtual drive. i did standalone key first, and used 1st DVD and used SDSwitch.

i got the error message “no write access for the specified installation folders ! ”

First, share some tips/ solutions i found on forums:

  1. Extract all the images in a folder for each dvd

Or use the virtual drive and mount the 2 images

Use pwr iso Kolo


  1. First install WIS standalone

As a part of MB SD Connect C4 DAS x 2012

Then mod d2ksetup


  1. Un-Install ANYTHING > Use the CleanEWAInstallation.vbs> Reboot > DELETE any Folders witch they remain > Re-Install again!

Good luck



Then i found the problem is “Information at 15:36:43 : Executing in CMD: cacls C:\Programme\ewa /T /E /G U|_ytkownicy:F


WIS installer did not recognize diacritics – should be “U?ytkownicy” not “U|_ytkownicy”


So I changed name “U?ytkownicy” to other word without diacritics – for example to “Users” or “Uzytkownicy”. To solve it, ran compmgmt.msc and went to “Users and local groups” ->”Groups” and rename “U?ytkownicy”.


Finally SOLVED!


It is said that it’s possible to install standalone WIS on any language version of WINXP.