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2 OTOFIX IM2: with APB112 G-BOX3 IMKPA 2024 OTOFIX IM2 Key Programming Diagnostic Tool Full Version with AUTEL APB112 G-BOX3 IMKPA KIT Supports DoIP & CAN FD
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Product Description

With APB112 G-BOX3 IMKPA, same functions as AUTEL IM608 PRO II full version.

OTOFIX IM2 Key Programming Diagnostic Tool Full Version with AUTEL APB112 G-BOX3 IMKPA KIT

OTOFIX IM2 Burst Points:
  • Global version. No IP Restriction
  • Same function as IM608 II but cheaper in price
  • 2-in-1 key programmer and diagnostic scanner.
  • Supports DoIP & CAN FD protocol
  •  Bi-directional, full system diagnostic, 40 hot service functionr
  • Supports online ECU coding, offline ECU coding, unlock hidden functions, VAG guided function
  • Supports OBD key programming, covering 80% of vehicle models and over 95% of common models.
  • Supports AutoVIN, Read DTCs, Erase DTCs, Read ECU Info, Live Data, and Active Test.
  • 2 Years Software Update$885 per year later after that
  • Supports Remote expert and online report management.
  • Supports FCA SGW Autoauth, the license can be bought here
  • Complete IMMO Coverage: support immobilizer functions on 80+ vehicle makes and models worldwide; 90% models for ke.y programming via OBD.
  • Smart Mode & Expert Mode: for guided/automated key learning, or advanced key learning with quick access to desired functions. Confidently work with any OEM and aftermarket ke.ys and fobs.
  • Advanced Key Programmer: PIN/CS access (all key lost), ke.y generation, key learning, remote learning & activation; all is made easy.
  • Advanced IMMO: IMMO ECU reset/adaptation; IMMO ECU refresh/coding; IMMO restore; IMMO ECU data back-up with 64GB memory; all are easily accessible.
  • XP1 Pro Chips Programmer: Read/write transponder data, ECU/MCU/EEPROM data (e.g. 9S12 encryption chip), IC card, detect remote frequency; if you require chip read write or encryption capabilities.
  • Enhanced Operations: can run ke.y learning and adaption for BM.W FEM/BDC; generate IR ke.ys for Benz; add ke.y for VW/Audi III/IV/V AKL; make transponder alterations for VWs and Audi MQB; read PIN/CS for Audi Q5/A4/A5 2015-2017; and many more. (See details on page)
  • Built-in Database Guidance: provide chip number, ke.y frequency, ke.y type, and maximum number of ke.ys supported by the vehicle, while ke.y programming on an unfamiliar vehicle.
  • With Key Programming Adapter G-Box2/G-box3IMKPA kit and the Smart Key Emulator APB112 
otofix im2 features

Advanced Key Programming

The specialized IMMO services are as follows:
  • Supports OBD key programming for 80% of vehicles models
  • Supports key programming via OBD for Volkswagen IV, V and MQB IMMO system
  • Supports Add key and All Keys Lost programming via OBD from CAS1 to CAS4 and FEM&BDC IMMO system
  • Supports key programming by passing PIN code for all 2005-2020 Benz models
  • Supports key programming by passing PIN code for 2019-2020 Promaster, DT-RAM, Jeep Cammander, etc.
  • Supports read password for Hyundai Kia key ID46,47,4A,8A, etc.
  • IMMO ECU Reset (Adaptation)/Refresh (Coding): clear original IMMO data, and activate the new IMMO part replacement making sure all IMMO-related components are functional.
  • IMMO Data Backup/Restoreback up the immobilizer data such as the vehicle's ke.y programming and security settings, and restore it quickly in case of a system failure or when you need an IMMO component replacement.
  • PIN/CS Access (All Key Lost): read the PIN/CS code even if losing all original ke.ys for making a brand-new available ke.y; alter immobilizer data with retrieved PIN/CS code.
  • Add Key/Key Learning/Key Generation: retrieve the immobilizer data; add a new blade / smart car ke.y replacement to suit the current settings of the vehicle.
  • Key Deletion: delete the unneeded ke.y to prevent the car from being stolen if necessary.
  • Remote Control Learning: generate car remote replacements if losing the original remote.
otofix im2 immo function

All Systems Diagnostics

IM2 provides you with all special functions to quickly diagnose all modules for the majority of the makes and models on the market. It is the unprecedented diagnostic tool that you ever wanted. AutoVIN to detect the vehicles for full system quick scan. Support reading codes, erasing codes, ECU information, live data and active test, etc. The data is accurate and comprehensive.

Advanced Services

40+ Service Functions

Cloud Solution

Remote Export & Online Report Management

 Advanced Services

Our professional and reliable experts are online ready to assist you with any diagnostic problem. All maintenance repoarts are stored in the cloud, allowing you to view device and test records anytime, anywhere.
otofix im2 All Systems Diagnostics
ECU Coding & Guided Functions Boost Business
otofix im2 ecu coding

2 Operating Methods: Smart Mode & Expert Mode

OTOFIX has designed this advanced ke.y programming scan tool with 2 unique operating modes to suit all experience levels and maintenance needs:

  • Smart Mode: walk you through ke.y programming processes with on-screen instructions; is perfect for beginners and suitable to train new mechanics
  • Expert Mode: allow you to directly perform individual IMMO functions; is ideal for higher-experienced pros with more complex needs.

Superior SpecificationExperience Seamless Navigation

  • Based on the U.S. most-popular operating system Android 10.0 for fast boot-up and multitasking.
  • Extraordinarily powerful Qualcomm SDM660 8-core processor.
  • Ultra-crisp 10.1” LED touch screen (1920*1200) for optimum viewing.
  • Internal reliable 4GB RAM & 128GB on-board memory for storing more repair materials and better performance.
  • Built-in 16M rear camera with autofocus and flashlight, easy to capture repair parts and share them for extra help.
  • Wi-Fi; USB 2.0; BT V5.0 + BR/EDR; SD Card (maximum 128GB); and HDMI 2.0 connections.

OTOFIX XP1 Pro, Useful Key & Chip Programmer

By connecting the IM2 tablet to XP1 Pro Ke.y Programmer box, you can read/write EEPROM (330 types), MCU (1541 types, e.g. Freescale 9S12), ECU (40 types), Immobilizer ECU (168 types), Odometer (9 types), Airbag (5 types), read transponder data (including Mercedes Benz infrared smart ke.y), clone/generate exclusive ke.ys, and many other ke.y related functions.

WARM TIPS: NEVER connect XP1 Pro to the vehicle via OBDII cable in case of severe damage.
otofix im2 xp1 pro

2 Years of Subscription-free Software Updates

Say goodbye to yearly software renewal fees and hello to our 2 years subscription-free updates. Save more money and stay up-to-date with ease!

OTOFIX covers this ke.y programmer for all vehicles with an extended 2-year updates to support emerging developments so your OTOFIX IM2 could:

  • Keep working with the newest vehicles coming into your workshop.
  • Fix any bugs that may have been discovered, and optimize this locksmith tool’s functionality to provide a better user experience.
  • Provide new features that were not available in previous versions. This helps to increase the versatility and make this car ke.y programmer more useful.
Repair a specific issue that has been unforeseen when the vehicle was manufactured.
Program in a new blank ECU module so that everything works properly.
Get cost-effective OE upgrades without using expensive OE diagnostic tools.

The OTOFIX IM2 package includes a J2534-1&-2 pass-thru V1 Flash box, which allows you to access cloud-based online ECU programming for all-chassis BM*W and Ben-z cars. You just need to build a stable internet connection, follow the on-screen instructions, select the appropriate execution options, and enter the correct data. If you have the OE-authorized programming software, you can also get factory-level power to obtain OE engine*ring corrections for additional car brands, such as Toyota, Honda, Volvo, VW, GM, Chrysler, Jaguar, and Land Rover, among others.
otofix im2 2 year free update

OTOFIX IM2 Key FOB Programming Tool Specification:

  Model Otofix IM2
Hardware Processor Qualcomm SDM660 Octa-core Processor:
4x 2.2 GHz(A73)
4x 1.8 GHz(A53)
Operating System Android 10.0
ROM 128 GB
Screen 10.1 inches
Resolution 1920*1200
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)
USB USB 2.0:(2 USB HOST Type A, 1 USB mini device)
SD Card SD Card (Support up to 64GB)
Battery 3.8V 15000 mAh
Camera Rear:  16 Megapixel, AF with Flashlight
Connection V1 Flash
Programmer XP1 Pro
Weight 1.58 kg

Programmer Function (Note: All functions are covered most 

extensively when paired with 

XP400 PRO and its accessories)

Reading/Writing EEPROM Yes
Reading/Writing MCU Yes
Reading/Writing Engine ECU Yes
Reading/Writing IMMO ECU Yes
Universal Key Information Detection Yes
Write key to ECU by programmer Yes
Key Unlocking Yes
Frequency Detection Yes

Work with APB112: the Smart Key Emulator (sold separately)

You can expand the OTOFIX IM2 features by connecting the XP1 Pro with APB112, a smart ke.y emulator designed to collect information that is transmitted by the ignition coil. With this accessory unit, you can:

  • Identify any potential issues with the ignition coil.
  • Decode the data of the vehicle's ke.y chip.
  • Emulate the vehicle ke.y chip.

It supports 46, 4D Data Collection, 46 Smart Ke.y Password Calculation, 46 Chip Emulation, Toyota4D (94/D4, 98) Smart Ke.y Emulation, Toyota H (88/A8, A9, 30) Smart Key Emulation, and more.

Work with G-Box2Key Programming Adapter for Benz BMW (sold separately)

You can also use OTOFIX IM2 working with the G-BOX to:

For Benz: 
  • Aide in the programming ke.ys for DAS3 CAN EIS/EXS even if all ke.ys lost.
  • Get 4X/8X faster password calculations even if all keys lost.
  • Have greatly simplified operation steps on W216 and W164 EISs after 2009, no more repeated insertions and removals of IR Simulator; available both in Boot/Bench method.

For BMW:
  • Have DME/DDE ISN reading and writing in Boot/Bench Mode on applicable BM.W vehicles.

The G-Box2 package contains all connections including cables, fuse connectors, and CAN Line connectors

otofix im2 add on modules

otofix im1 vs im2

Package List:

1pc x OTOFIX IM2 Diagnostic Tool
1pc x OTOFIX V1 Flash
1pc x XP1 PRO
1pc x Main Cable
1pc x USB Cable (2m)
1pc x Mini USB Cable
1pc x AC / DC Adapter (12V)
2pcs x Spare Fuse (6*30mm)
1pc x Auxiliary Power Outlet Adapter
1pc x USB to Ethernet Adapter
1pc x APC101 (USB Cable)
1pc x APB104 (MCU_FQFP64 )
1pc x APB105 (MCU_FQFP80) 
1pc x APB106 (MCU_FQFP112)
1pc x APB107 (MCU_FQFP144)
1pc x APB108 (MCU_FQFP176)
1pc x APB109 (EEPROM Adapter )
1pc x APB125 (Mercedes-Benz Infrared Collection)
1pc x APA002 (EEPROM Socket)
1pc x APA101 (Singal Cable)
1pc x APA103 (EEPROM Clamp)
1pc x APA107 (ECU Cable)
1pc x APA108 (MCU Cable)
1pc x APA109 (MC9S12 Cable)
1pc x Connect Cable
1pc x Quick Reference Guide
1pc x Packing List
1pc x Carrying Case

1pc X APB112 Smart Key Simulator
1pc X USB Cable

1pc x Autel MaxiIM G-BOX 3
1pc x DB15 Cable
1pc x K-Line Cable
1pc x Fuse Cable
2pcs x Fuse (5A)
1pc x Clamp Cable
1pc x OBDII Extension Cable
1pc x Quick Reference Guide

1pc x APB113 PCF79XX adaptor board
1pc x APB114 EWS3 adaptor board
1pc x APB115 NEC adapter board
1pc x APB118 NEC ELV adaptor board
1pc x APB119 TB28FXXX adaptor board
1pc x APB120 TMS370 adaptor board
1pc x APB121 AM29FXXX adapter board
1pc x APB122 AM29FXXX adaptor board1
1pc x APB123 AM29FXXX adaptor board2
1pc x APB126 M35080/D80 adaptor board
1pc x APB127 MC68HC0(7)05BXX adaptor board
1pc x APB128 MC68HC05X32 adaptor board
1pc x Storage Case



XHORSE remote

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