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[EU US Ship] OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus C Configuration X300 PAD2 Full Version ECU Clone+ IMMO+Odometer+ Diagnosis+ Special Functions+ P001

[EU US Ship] OBDSTAR X300 DP Plus C Configuration X300 PAD2 Full Version ECU Clone+ IMMO+Odometer+ Diagnosis+ Special Functions+ P001

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by Mr.Maesa Ismail on Jun 28, 2022
It is very strong with odometer correction. I just did a 2018 f450 and it did mileage, engine hours and idle hours, yes it was able to change all of them. it is absolutely awesome on US cars. the only way to get any better coverage would be with a dsp3 or something like that.
by Mr.Salin Ching on Jun 28, 2022
2021 cadillac escalade knife smart key AKL succeeded. if u don't obdstar x300dp plus u r missing out, having this tool is 1 of main reason I was able to get a 40+ AKL job this week (yes 40+ all keys lost cars in 1 lot ) autel km100 generated a key for it just fine.
This immo requires a pin code from a 3rd party, this is the ONLY tool that does it all from the scan tool automatically. it took about 10 minutes for it to get the code. then only a few minutes to actually program the key.
You also have to use the can fd adapter.
by Mr.max on Jun 6, 2022
i have a 2015 mercedes ml350 can this tool correct the odometer
Replied by Joyce on Jun 6, 2022
Sorry, can not support.
by Mr.Rami Abo Allo on May 30, 2022
Jeep Renegade 2020 with sgw, flip key Mqb48 Read pin code by CAN line Dealer Key Add new Key ok
by Mr.Joe Colgate on May 22, 2022
I have obdstar x300 dp plus and it's a great tool. what u need to do is look at obdstar compatibility list. if it's on there then yes they do. if not then no they don't. if a tool says it can so it then it should do it. if u try and fail call tech support that's what they are there for
by Mr.Engoule Raoul on May 16, 2022
Obdstar has again saved the day! Mini Cooper r56 cas3istap, telwin doctor 15v and 45amp power supply, cgdi bmw and started to downgrade as I done many times before. Car has 2 keys, one good fully working, and one damaged. Customer opted to get a spare. I presented him with 2 options: original key from the scrap yard, refurbished like new (virgin) or aftermarket with battery on the back. Downgrade completed, dealer key added. Collum won't unlock with any key. Put key in and it would show the engine start faulty on the nav screen. Got out the obdstar and done the "upgrade" with it. Once finished the keys I wrote before are working fine. Thank you the developers from Obdstar for saving me. This the second cas3istap on a mini r56 that behaves like this after Cgdi bmw processing and obdstar saves it.
by Mr.Michdu Munoz on Apr 20, 2022
Fiât tipo 2018 reading pincode make dealer key and program key works good
by Mr.Dan Mandel on Apr 13, 2022
Ford Kuga 2017 id 49 keylessgo key programing success!! All factory functions working!! ( Xhorse keylessgo key used )
by Mr.Scott Schaffer on Mar 29, 2022
2011 vw polo
Add key easy 2 minutes by x300dp plus.
Read immo data
Make dealer key
Program key
Program remote
by Mr.Daniel Fer on Mar 22, 2022
Renault Espace V 08.2020 Im608- fail Obdstar dp plus add card OK
by Mr.Ameer Rashid on Feb 27, 2022
I recently got the x300 dp plus. I got it for many reasons, the new gm capabilities, the ford akl active alarm. and new toyota cable. they seem to be trying to be the tool that can do the newest stuff. let's be honest it's the 1st one for 21 gm, it was the 1st for the dodge 20 and 21 rams, and 1st with the corolla code bypass. seems like that is where they are putting their efforts and also got it for the motorcycle and power sport keys, I have not officially added motorcycle keys to my services, I just got in a stock of some keys, then I'll get to practice on some and do a little more reading up on them. my autel is my go to. but I do use the x300 dp just to see if it can do the job. it's pretty good. its definitely worth the investment
by Mr.Renato Bravo on Feb 11, 2022
Got the x300 dp plus here, it does new GM flawlessly. its has alot of new ford's covered also, as well as 2021 dodges. and u can also do motorcycle and powerboat keys, and a few other cool things like clone GM BCM's
by Mr.Dennis Skjott on Nov 10, 2021
Thank you. package arrived. In very good condition, with all accessories.

by Mr.Rui Balao on Jul 6, 2021
Fiat tipo 2019 mqb48 akl done by x300dp plus. Read eeprom, pin and make dealer key via obd. Autel im508 fail to pin, fail to entry in programming mode to read eeprom.
Replied by Joyce on Jul 16, 2021
Hi,dear Mr.Rui Balao
Good day!
Thank you for your support and feedback on our website.
Any further questions please feel free to contact us.
Best regards!
by Mr.Frank Maura on May 31, 2021
Smart 453 add key success 5-7 minutes to read the Flash and recovery PIN code. Programming the 2 keys in 2 minutes.
by Mr.Vytautas Vencius on May 27, 2021
2014 Volvo s 80 spare key by X300 DP Plus successful via obd processing time 1:30 hours
by Mr.Herbert Leijen on May 16, 2021
toyota corolla 2008 all key lost chip 4d 67 obd done
by Mr.panagiotou on Apr 28, 2021
I will go tomorrow to take the parcel, thank you
Replied by Joyce on Apr 28, 2021
Hi,dear Mr.panagiotou
Good day!
Thank you for your support and feedback on our website.
Any further questions please feel free to contact us.
Best regards!
by Mr.Dustin Kot on Apr 24, 2021
I've renewed 5-6 Opel keys (Corsa D, Astra H, Zafira B..) with Obdstar x300dp plus, surprisingly it works perfect..
by Mr.Yves Coca on Apr 21, 2021
i did one today Renault Espace 2017 with obdstar with green adapter and p001. using original renault cards 4A.
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