BMW ICOM WinKFP Rewrite VIN to used EGS on E36


So one of my first jobs (on my own, been a BMW tech for 20 years) has given me a challenge. Trans MIL light on, BMW 328i E36 1997 is obviously in limp mode. He had second hand EGS fitted. I refitted original EGS, connected Rheingold with ICOM and got CAN communications error. No signal from DME, and in live data RPM and load signals are 0%.

DME has CAN fault relating to EGS also. DME has RPM and load signals no problem.

I could clear CAN fault in DME if I disconnected EGS and that suggests EGS (as per instructions in Rheingold). Also did Ohms test on pins 86,85 on EGS (CAN H and CAN L) and the lines checked out OK.

So opened up original EGS and found one small chip to be suspect, like overheated solder joins. I checked against 2nd hand EGS and looked quite different.

So now I want to recode 2nd hand EGS to this cars VIN. I only have BMW ICOM A2 head currently. I have recoded a E39 DME before using the yellow head and SSS but i don’t have access to that equipment anymore.

Is it possible to get used EGS working on this car? With ICOM and maybe Winkfp or something?

Customer solution:

For sure you could use BMW ICOM with WinKFP to recode the EGS. Just go to comfort mode, ZUSB Update and enter VIN. Then Program ZUSB Update and the VIN should be changed.

Use OBD_ab625 of ICOM. Open WinKFP and pull down the setting menu. Make sure to check boxes to write UIF/AIF in comfort mode. Also from this menu enable BSU (boot sector update) force programming in comfort mode and fast baudrate. Also enable the option to test checksum. Close the menu and save the settings.

Choose comfort mode > update ZUSB >choose EGS > enter VIN (full 17) and finally Program update. Accept the dialog for remaining writes to the user information fields.