Carprog Full v7.28 tokens run out, device not work solution

Caprog full v7.28 airbag reset tool tokens run out,device not in use problem solution is provided.


My Carprog full v7.28 has run out tokens and stop working. How to solve the problem?


Carprog full airbag reset tool comes with no token limitation. If you have run out tokens, change another computer and copy carprog software from CD, the device will keep working. You can download software and change another PC as well.

Carprog V6.8 software free download

If you need carprog v7.28 software, please contact customer service to provide you the free software link.

If fail to add tokens, you’d better send the main unit back to repair.

carprog connect 1

CARPROG FULL is designed with regard to demands of our customers to have universal tool for car radios, odometers immobilizers repair including advanced functions like EEPROM and microcontroller programmer, key transponder programmer. The latest V7.28 Carprog is better at airbag resetting than V6.8.

Carprog supports airbag resetting for:

VAG (Audi, VW, Skoda and Seat) Airbag

BMW Airbag

Mercedes Benz Airbag

FORD Airbag

GM Airbag by OBDII

CARPROG CR16 Airbag tool – Audi, Mercedes, Ford, Volvo

Renault Airbag

Peugeot Airbag

Citroen Airbag

Honda Airbag

Audi Airbag by direct connection to EEPROM or MPU

Ford Airbag by direct connection to EEPROM or MPU

Hyundai Airbag

KIA Airbag

Lexus Airbag

Rover Airbag

Mazda Airbag

Mitsubishi airbag

Nissan Airbag

Mercedes Benz Airbag by direct connection

Opel Airbag by direct connection

Saab Airbag by direct connection

Subaru Airbag by direct connection

Toyota Airbag by direct connection

Alfa Romeo Airbag

Fiat Airbag

Porsche Airbag

Suzuki Airbag

Volvo Airbag

Daewoo Airbag

Carprog supports odometer change for:

VAG CAN cars

Mercedes Benz ASSYST explorer

VDO dash decrypt tool – Skoda Roomster, SuperB, VW Polo, Audi A3, A6, Allroad with 93C86 odometer change and PIN reading

Ford by OBDII (by CAN)

VW 2007+ by OBD – Golf, Passat, Eos, Touran, Tiguan, Octavia with Micronas by OBDII

VAG VDO dashboards by K-line OBDII – VW T5, Passat B5, Skoda SuperB and others

2J74YAUDI – Audi 2J74Y repair software for CarProg

  1. Carprog supports key programming for:

Toyota Key

Lexus key

Daihatsu Key

CarProg BMW Key

Mercedes Benz Key

RENAULT Megane/Scenic infrared key

It also supports PIN code reading for A8, Touareg, Phaeton and Cayenne

  1. Carprog supports MPU programming for:

CARPROG Motorola (Freescale) HC05 MPU

CARPROG Motorola (Freescale) HC11 MPU

CARPROG Motorola (Freescale) HC08 MPU

CARPROG Motorola (Freescale) 912 and 9S12 MPU

  1. Carprog ecu chip tuning tool supports EEPROM programming for: ST92F120, ST92F150, and ST92F250 internal EEPROM
  2. Carprog supports radio code reading for:




Philips Car Radio

Renault Car Radio by serial number


  • RNS510 – Navigation decoding tool by Navi diagnostic