ENET E-sys get FSC codes for BMW F10 NBT

Import FSC codes for BMW F10 NBT success! Share something here with you all, theENET E-sys cable, the guide and so on.



Trying to get an FSC code for my F10 NBT (currently ‘Road Map Europe MOVE 2013)


Files i have:

maps downloaded (Europe MOVE 2016-2) and E-Sys installed & working on a 64bit laptop


EDIABAS is needed also if you use SWID Reader to retrieve 1B file from Head Unit, but if you are using E-Sys instead, then you do not need EDIABAS.



Guides for what i’m trying to do:

(found lots of useful threads but only this one specific for e-sys)


Need to doable Windows firewall and antivirus software in both the Host and Guest OS and bridge the virtual LAN Adapter to actual LAN Adapter, and the use an ENET Cable and Connect via VIN.


With E-Sys software, for CIC (1B File), in the Expert Mode => FSC-Extended module:

In the Parameter section enter:
1. Diagnostic Address (hex) = 0x63
2. Click on the Identify button and the Base variant HU_CIC will be populated
3. Application ID = 0x1B
4. Upgrade Index = 0x01

In the Action section:
5. Select Store FSC and move from left to the right
6. Click on the Read button
7. Click Save and and name the file to save 1B to PC


Well, after step 7, is that the code I would put into the head unit once it saves? I a, not sure. And here is the answer i got from the bmw forum:

“Well, the confusion comes from your statement above, which was:

“F10 NBT (currently ‘Road Map Europe MOVE 2013)”

You say NBT, but the you say Move Map, and Move Map is CHAMP Head Unit, which is a 1B Fie.

The only difference in process though for NBT versus CIC is that to use Application ID = 0xDE instead of 0x1B.”



That makes sense! I thought I had NBT but maybe i’m wrong as that’s definitely the map name i’m seeing.

So how would I do this part:

feed the 1B / DE file to FSC Generator to make Map FSC Code

Much appreciated help so far!! Wish all my conclusion here help others also.