Ford OBD2 Tool odometer and immo software installation

Ford OBD2 Tool is a newly released lightweight and friendly OBD II device. It is used to mainly perform Ford instrument calibration and immobilizer key matching. Here is the instruction on installingFord OBD2  Odometer Correction and Immobiliser Key Programming software.

Device versionV1.50



Ford OBD Tool Feature:
Instrument calibration work is friendly without removing instrument.
It can read and write into EEPROM file, it can read out immo code, and directly edit key position byte, then replace the original key to a new key, also it can read out and write into the synchronized bytes of instrument and engine, then directly synchronize without programming.


Ford OBD Tool software installation guide:

Open FORD OBD TOOL software CD

Ford-obd-tool-install-1Copy Ford-OBD folder to desktop

Open the Ford-OBD folder on desktop

Extract driver.rar and FORD OBD.rar files


Connect Ford OBD2 odometer and immo key programming cable with computer via COM port

Install hardware wizard

Select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”, click Next


Save file to C:\Desktop\Ford-OBD\driver, lick OK


Click Next

Click Finish when setup wizard is well installed.

Open My Computer->Manager->Device Manager->Ports->STMicroeletronics Virtual COM Port (COM4) to make sure the COM Port is set to COM4.


Open FORD OBD.exe setup


If the system pops up “No device found on port COM1” message, click Ok to continue

Click Port tab in FORD OBD windows, then select STMicroeletronics Virtual COM Port (COM4)


Select either choose a specific or Automatic detect Ford model


Tick About to check Ford OBD device version