Guide to Activate BMW auto detection with INPA Ediabas here provides the instruction on how to enable BMW auto detection with INPA/Ediabas interface.

Tools: The Chinese INPA Ediabas interface (OBDII compatible, bought mine from Chinese seller


How to:

I will auto-detect MY >2000-2001 via the OBD interface but not older models via the 20-pin/OBD adapter because the ignition signal is not detected by the 20-pin connector. The OBD side of the interface does have a connection to pin #1 (ignition, terminal 15) – see the small yellow “1” toward the top right of the PCB:


It is marked by the yellow arrow


But it is not passed through the OBD to 20-pin adapter. The adapter cable only has 4 conductors, only 3 of which are functional. So we have to do some soldering.


One connects OBD #16(battery, terminal 30) to 20-pin #14, the second connects OBD #4/5 (ground) to 20-pin #19, and the third connects OBD #7/8 (TDX1/TDX2) to 20-pin #17/20. (The 4th green conductor is soldered to 20-pin #15 but has no connection to the BMW INPA K+DCAN cable.)


I opened the shells of the 20-pin connector and the interface and soldered an external jumper (the red wire below) between pin#16 of the 20-pin connector and #1 of the INPA/Ediabas interface.


And voila, auto-detection in DIS:


Yellow “1” is on pin #16. Pin #1, where the jumper is to be soldered to, is on on top of picture on opposite side on the board.