Honda CR-Z Hybrid 2010 all keys lost by Xtool X100 Pro

What key programmer/tool will make key for Honda CR-Z 2010 when lost all keys?

Customer question:
A friend of mine is asking for help. He has got a Honda CR-Z 1.5 hybrid 84kW of 2010. All keys were stolen/lost and car have 7 digit VIN, so local Honda dealer could not help. Car is from Japan and it is not possible to order new Keys. What can we do here. Any solution possible for immo off or make key from dump? I have mini zed bull, carprog, xprog etc.



X100+ (Xtool X100 Pro) auto key programmer does the job well.

Immo off and make key from dump is impossible

Buy a new key and Xtool x100 can do it in less 5 mins job.

Or get a blank pcf7936( blank 46), and get keys cut and program with x100 pro.