JMD, Xhorse, Keyline and Keydiy Remote Maker Comparison

As titled, here’s the table comparison listing all available chip lists of some popular car key copy machines, JMD handy baby, vvdi key tool, keyline884, keydiy etc.

Chip/Function JMD Handy baby RW4 PLUS Keyline 884 Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Keydiy KD-X2
46 COPY Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4D COPY Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4C TEXAS COPY Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ID48 COPY OFFLINE Yes     Yes  
ID48 COPY ONLINE Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
T5 COPY Yes        
72G/4D83 80BIT Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4D70 KIA/HYUNDAI Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4D70 BMW MOTO Yes       Yes
80BIT CHEVROLET Yes        
8E AUDI COPY Yes        
HITAG PRO AUDI Yes        
ID48 VAG ALL KEYS LOST 2009 UP VIA OBD Yes        
ID47 HONDA Yes        
CHIP EDITOR Yes     Yes  
SIGNAL TEST Yes     Yes Yes



Yes     Yes Yes
KEY MAKER Yes   Yes    
REAL CHIP INFO Yes     Yes Yes
EXIT CHIP Yes        
ID42 COPY Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ID45 COPY Yes Yes Yes    
ID41 COPY Yes Yes Yes    
IR TEST Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

*Correct us if we are wrong.


The graph below gives intuitive view:



Locksmith experience & reviews:

JMD Handy Baby
A must have! At the moment it is the best handheld cloner, what you can get. With the JMD key expansion it can save you with ease when you have to deal with VWs – even in AKL situations. It is not a wonder weapon, in practice it needs time for calculations (some times 45 mins), but in the meantime you can cut the key, aso. Never tried with G-chips, so I can just tell ya that it is said to be working. Has built-in batteries, and you can always charge it from your car – ideal tool to take with you. The special transponders are cheap enough to save you a lot of money compared to the RW4, and the main unit costs only $400, the JMD Key box around $250, and the G-chip authorization (if not included) $80, always with free shipping.

They stopped selling the JMDD, JMD46, JMD48 chips, instead of ’em you can buy Blue or Red King Chips. The blue one is for everything except ID48 for the usual price, the red is for ID48 much expensive.



– RW4 Plus
For professionals 
(only). It is made by Silca, that means it is expensive. I bought it together with the M-Box (in a special promotion with 10 ID48 and 40 GTI chips), when my Handy Baby couldn’t clone the key of a TT. It works with special devices called “snoop”s, one for ID46 and another (M-Snoop) for ID48. It needs internet connection for calculating a 48 transponder, can take 20 mins or more for the whole procedure. Works only with the expensive Silca transponder chips, so I try to avoid its usage if possible to save profit. Good point, that you can power it from your car or from AC, but its size is too big to take it always with you. Its price was (in special promotion) €2100, ask your locale dealer about promotions – otherwise it can be €3000 or more with ease.



-Keyline 884

The keyline 884 mini promises compatibility with a lot of vehicles. Its compact nature and simplistic interface would make this a no brainer. Unfortunately, the functionality I experienced using their tool and their keys left a lot to be desired. It’s possible I got a bad unit, but it’s important to note that the micro usb port breaking was not due to abuse. I kept this tool unplugged in the same bag as my tcode pro, and other sensitive programming equipment. This is the first issue I’ve had. If you do buy one of these, desk mounting may be better. keyline use no tokens but the gkm chips are £15.



Xhorse VVDI Key Tool remote generator 

This is the alternative when you don’t want to have lots of devices.  The cloner works only with its own transponders, what equals the Handy Baby chip prices (except the blue/king chips); the remotes are also in the same price (around $10).  vvdi key tool you need tokens for id48 96 bit cloning , tokens are $8 each.



Keydiy KD-X2

First look its nice, chip read fast, remote frequency test work good. Its have one interesting function, simulate remote by tool and android app. You cant copy proxy key, keydiy work to make universal proxy key. For now vvdi key tool is better to chip copy, kd-x2 precode many remote. I have tried to generate some remotes with the function SIMULAR DEVICE, and they work perfectly. Some functions are not yet available. However, the team seems stable, and promising. For me Keydiy is a brand that has good development and support. The fact is that the Handy Baby is more better than the mini CN900, and the KD is good and stable.