K-tag FW v6.070 checksum error when write med17.4 solution

K-tag symptom from a customer:

Ktag 6.070 and med17.4 checksum error on write mod file.. is it just me or is this a general clone problem.
no matter what i try it will not write mod file(checksum error) ori is fine backup and restore is fine, this is the only ecu i have had a problem with.
i have tried 3 tools all from different supliers 3x computers and 4x software same result…


possible reasons:

1- the data read is incorrect

2- the car is not included the vehicle list (ktag deos not support your model)

note: “checksum error” is not related with ktag device


successful solutions shared by forum members:

1- use Ksuite 2.15 version

2- Rename ksuite folder to ksuite.old, install ksuite 2.15, delete ksuite folder, and rename ksuite.old to ksuite. now all is working!


But most people would like the third solution–>

3- use K-TAG 6.070 Ksuite 2.10 NO CHECKSUM ERROR



if you chose to write mod file you should to check in software only flash – maps to program not all options