Ksuite V2.22 for Kess v2 firmware V4.036 installation

Good news! Engineers at OBDII365.com has developed Ksuite 2.22 and tested it on Kess v2 firmware v4.036 already. Ktag will be tested with it in the near future. Here is the instruction on how to install Ksuite 2.22 and test it on BMW E90 with Kess v2 master ecu tuning kit.

Software version: Ksuite V2.22
Firmware version: Kess v2 v4.036

Operating system: Windows XP


Step 1- Disable network connections


Step 2- Open Ksuite 2.22 CD-ROM

Copy folder “KSuite 2.22” to Desktop


3- install K-Suite 2.12

Open the new folder “KSuite 2.22” on Desktop

Run “setup” app

Click Next, then click Install to install K-Suite 2.12


Click Yes to accept the agreement

Select a setup language and click OK



Step 4- install Driver

Click Next to install Driver USBDEVICEDRV 1.00.011


Click Next to begin installation

Click Finish when Driver USBDEVICEDRV 1.00.011 installation completes


Step 5- run K-Suite 2.12

Select kess v2 language


Prompt: Connection not established. Click OK

Close ksuite 2.12 interface


Step 6- install Ksuite 2.22

1) extract ksuite 2.22.rar

Extract zip file ksuite-2.22 on the new folder “KSuite 2.22”

Extracted folder is “ksuite-2.22”

2) setup Ksuite Properties

Open Ksuite Properties on Desktop

Find target

Delet all files in C:\KSuite

Copy all files from Desktop\KSuite 2.22\ksuite-2.22 to C:\KSuite


Close Ksuite Properties

Delete folder “KSuite 2.22” on Desktop

Copy folder “help” from CD-ROM Ksuite 2.22 (E:) to C:\KSuite

3) install and setup USB device

Found new hardware wizard: install the software automatically (recommended). Click Next

USB device installation completes. Click Finish.

Open Computer management

Select Device manager->Universal serial bus controller->USB Device


Close Computer management


Step 7- run Ksuite 2.22 and diagnose BMW E90

Open ksuite on Desktop

Click on the car icon


1) Test KESS V2 ksuite 2.22 on BMW E90 323i 2005 24v



Select CAN


Select ID


Connect your vehicle to a stabilized battery charger


Switch on the dashboard, check the connect


Starting communication…


Switch off the dashboard

Connect your vehicle to a stabilized battery charger

Switch on the dashboard, check the connect

Get the HW, SW, Chassis number, click OK


Save as? Cancel

Switch off the dashboard

Back to BMW E90 menu