Read BMW E46 M35080 EEPROM with Xprog-M V5.55

Share a customer solution to read BMW E46 EEPROM M35080 with Xprog-m V5.55 programmer, including how to solve “FF FF” error when reading M35080.

All begin with “FF” error!
Took the cluster apart and soldered directly to pins of M35080 but still got the same results, reads of FF FF

Possible reasons:
M35080 16 pin adapter programming board used for the M35080 with the Xprog m is not working properly
”99% sure the FF reads are due to the adapter board” (by a xprog user)

How to do:
replaced the 8 wire harness with a new one and the soldering is as it should be
to remove the 8 wires from the board, connect brass pins and connect the 8 wires to the corresponding slots on the 16 pin connector thus avoiding the use of the board
the part of the xprog M35080 adapter programming board:
soldered the wires directly to the corresponding pins off of the connector that connects to the xprog box and thus bypassed the M35080 xprog green board:
the M35080 pin order and the Xprog-m 16 pin connector pin labels so that the correct 7 pins can be sequenced between the M35080 eeprom and the Xprog-m special programming board for the M35080 eeprom:
Have rewired and here is the read:
selected E46 M35080 and not E46 Bosch M35080 — that is why the read came out as pictured with an incorrect representation of the VIN and the other data
saved the original file on the m35080 eeprom and then we edited that bin file and saved it with another name
erased the m35080 and loaded the original file that was edited
wrote the new file to the m35080
did a new read to confirm all was well and it was
Hope it’s a matter of selecting the correct device, reading, saving, editing, renaming/saving, erasing and verifying all steps taken and finally writing and then doing a read of the new data on the M35080 and putting back together the cluster and calling it a successful finished project!!!!!