VVDI MB BGA Tool Car List - Mercedes Benz Lost All Keys

Original Xhorse VVDI MB BGA Tool now supports calculating password for Mercedes-Benz W166, W212, W246, W212 (old, with ELV) , W204, W207, W216, W164 (2009-) while lost all key; that is, vvdi Mercedes can add/program new keys for models above when they lost all working keys.


Here is all for solutions of Mercedes all key lost using vvdi mb tool:

W216, W164 (2009-) lost all keys

W246 lost all BGA keys

W204 W207 lost all keys

W212 all key lost

(Updating…more models will be available)


How to add new keys when Mercedes all key lost:

MB W216/ W164 (2009-) all key lost


VVDI MB Tool v2.1.7 (v2.1.6) successfully solved the issue of Mercedes W216/ W164 (2009-) all key lost; that is, vvdi mb can add new keys to W216/ W164.


You need VVDI MB TOOL V2.1.6 at least!



How to do all key lost for W216/ W164 with vvdi bga key programmer:




vvdi-mb-W216-W164-lost-all-keys (5)

vvdi-mb-W216-W164-lost-all-keys (6)

vvdi-mb-W216-W164-lost-all-keys (7)

vvdi-mb-W216-W164-lost-all-keys (8)


So,vvdi mercedes can program new keys when W216/ W164 (2009-) lost all keys!

Mercedes W212 lost all keys


There are 3 things to do for W212 all key lost using vvdi mb:

  • Password calculation get key password from EIS
  • Read and save EIS data
  • Prepare key file and write it to new key

connect device OBD line to car, then connect IR adapter to VVDI MB Tool, after that do as following  s.

  1. Open VVDI MB Tool software, click “Password Calculation”, tick off “Lost all working key”, choose chassis “212” then click “Data Acquisition”.


  1. Turn the IR adaptor and VVDI MB Tool’s red light will blink. Now just several minutes to wait (Data Acquisition needs about 3.5-8 minutes depends on EIS types), after that you will get a data file “VM_NOKEY_586FD7B1_1”, save this file.



  1. Click “Upload Data” and open the data file “VM_NOKEY_586FD7B1_1”. Wait a second, it will show “Upload success”, click “Yes”.



  1. Tick off “Auto reflash” next click “Query result”, just wait a second to VVDI MB Tool will get you the result. Meanwhile create a folder named “212 ALL KEY LOST” on desktop.


  1. Now you can get the key password, click “Copy” and wait a second.


Click “Paste” to paste key password to EIS key information, then click “Save EIS data” and save the EIS data file to “212 ALL KEY LOST” folder on desktop.



  1. Click “Prepare Key File”, then “Load EIS file”. Choose the EIS data file to upload.



  1. Untick both “v041” and “v011”, click “Prepare Key File” and wait a minute. Save key file to “212 ALL KEY LOST” on desktop directly.



  1. Click “Read Write Key” then insert a new blank key into VVDI MB BGA Tool slot, next click “Identification key”.


You can see status of the new key is “Unused”, then click “Load Key File”. Next click “key8…” bin file and click “Write”. Now wait for data writing success.



  1. Click “Read EIS data” you can see there are 2 used keys: key1 and key2.


Plug out IR adapter and insert the new key, click “Read EIS data” again there will be 3 used keys: key1, key2 and key8. It means VVDI MB BGA TOOL successfully programs a new key for W212 all key lost.


Mercedes Benz W246 lost all BGA keys


Here’s the step by step guide to follow:

VVDI MB Tool adds Benz W246 BAG key via OBD Step by Step

Mercedes W204 W207 lost all keys

Xhorse VVDI MB BGA key programmer is verified to add W204 W207 ALL KEY LOST without issues.


Reading EIS data

VVDI-MB-BGA-Tool-W204-W207-all-key-lost (1)

Password calculation:

Step 1 – select working key, communicate mode and chassis

Warning: this operation should perform on the bench

Step 2 – press “Data acquisition” to start with the following steps:

1) connect device OBD line to cable OBD head on the bench

2) connect IR adapter to VVDI MB Tool

3) data acquisition

4) 50% complete

5) 100% complete

6) save acquisition data

Step 3 – press “Update data” to send acquisition data

Step 4 – press “Query result” to get result

VVDI-MB-BGA-Tool-W204-W207-all-key-lost (2)


1 this operation needs about 2.5 hours. Don’t perform this operation on the car

2 connect EIS to correct cable before continue

3 don’t connect ESL to cable

VVDI-MB-BGA-Tool-W204-W207-all-key-lost (3)


Connect EIS with correct cable on the bench. Don’t connect ESL.

Connect device OBD line to cable OBD head


VVDI-MB-BGA-Tool-W204-W207-all-key-lost (4)

VVDI-MB-BGA-Tool-W204-W207-all-key-lost (5)

VVDI-MB-BGA-Tool-W204-W207-all-key-lost (6)

VVDI-MB-BGA-Tool-W204-W207-all-key-lost (7)

VVDI-MB-BGA-Tool-W204-W207-all-key-lost (8)

VVDI-MB-BGA-Tool-W204-W207-all-key-lost (9)

VVDI-MB-BGA-Tool-W204-W207-all-key-lost (10)

How long should users take for lost all key data acquisition:

Lost all key data acquisition time depends on EIS type, It needs about 3.5-8 minutes

W204, W207 lost all key data acquisition require 2 hours and 10 minutes

W216, W164 2009- lost all key data acquisition require 2 hours

Lost all key calculate time in server: 30 seconds – 1 minute



Review of VVDI Mercedes all key lost:

made W207 all key lost with VVDI MB. Work perfect, great tool!!


made all keys lost W906 successfully! Just remove EZS, open it, read MCU (0L01Y is there I think) EEPROM, save dump and calculate keys. It’s easy to do it!


Tested W212 all Keys lost OK with VVDI MB tool. Got a W212 EIS to make a key, it needs 2 tokens, one free one paid money.


W209 or W211 all key lost for me is easy to do with VVDI.


W204 W207 all key lost tested ok, get Password from W204 EIS successfully in second attempt, first time failed.


W212, W166 and W256 all key lost are possible for VVDI.


W166, W246, W212, W212 FBS3 all key lost OK


do W221 all key lost last month with VVDI MB TOOL and a second hand EIS W221 lock with a key