Wifi Vpecker Easydiag Wireless OBD2 Diagnostic Scanner Review

I have received the tiny USB shaped Vpecker obd2 wifi scanner from OBDII365.com and tested the scan tool for a while.


The first thing was to download software from official website. Opening the website www.tdintel.com and download “Vpecker setup V4.13”. Software installation is easy within simple steps. Registration takes some steps, better follow their pdf guide (How to install and register Vpecker easydiag wifi), register with SN/password to download software, two mode optional, one by one click , or one-click.

It may take a long time to download all the software due to your network speed reason.


The genuine Windows XP-10 operating systems allows for more stable performances, better compatibility and expandability, extremely easy-to-use with touch-screen operation.  Smooth touch screen performance.


Multi language are able to be selected.  It has Demo, so even VPECKER easydiag scanner is not connected, it can simulate how VPECKER works.


Unit switch between Metric and Imperial system

Display modes between Full Screen and Fixed Size (2014×700)

Logging function is available; it can log the date of vehicle communication

If there is a new version, it can automatically prompt to update


Plug vpecker into vehicle, then make communication between vpecker with laptop via WIFI. There is no need to enter password to connect wifi, just choose the vpecker easydiag wifi signal directly, the read light will turn to blue when finish the connection. Automatically identify vpecker and pecker version information when connection has wifi