How to Program Audi A6 2013 Key via FVDI2 for VAG engineer has successfully program new key on Audi A6 2016 year BCM2 when all keys have lost by using FLY FVDI2 for VAG FVDI second generation key programmer.


You can read BCM2 P flash and D flash by Orange 5 eeprom programmer or CG100 flash programmer.

Read ELV flash by OEM Orange 5.


Before doing all key lost, the key has been prepared to the dealer key and learned to the car, but cannot turn ignition ON or start the engine.


Start FLY OBD Terminator, select Immobilizer from the main menu, then VAG/KeyMaker/Audi A6 A7 A8 Touareg


Load BCM2 P flash and D flash (EEPROM)


There are 3 scenarios you can select:

1- have a working key

2- have a ELV dump

3- have the decoded ISK file

If all key lost, you should select option 2 (have a ELV dump)


Put the key into the coil


Then may turn ignition on with the programmed key


Turn ignition on and begin  logging data at the internal CAN BUS

FVDI2 commander software has a 300 seconds countdown timer


During logging, keep ignition on


Then, log extra data in 100 seconds

During logging extra data, you should turn ignition on/off for several times


Data log finished!

Save the logo data as a file.


Begin decoding log data by FLY server via Internet

Usually, it needs 30 minutes or less

For this car, it takes 12 minutes to decode

At last, 32 bytes ISK decoded successfully!


Save data

Put the key into the coil again

Fvdi2 is verifying…

Write the chip successfully!


The programmed key can be used to start the engine.