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V6.1.3.0 CG CG100 PROG III Full Version Airbag Restore Devices including All Function of Renesas SRS and Infineon XC236x FLASH

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Product Description

CG100-airbag tool exclusively designed to read Tricore MCU’s over CAN-bus.Supports Read/Write EEPROM function for secured and non-secured SAC-TC1766 SAC-TC1767 SAC-TC1796 SAC-TC1797 microcontrollers.comes with Mileage, DPF, ECU system time, ISN built-in calculators.Edit CRC Eeprom.

CG100 PROG III Full Version Airbag Restore Devices including All Function of Renesas SRS and Infineon XC236x FLASH

Top 7 Reasons to Buy CG100 PROG III:

1. Latest Version: V6.1.3.0

2. Including All Function of Renesas SRS 

3. Supports read and write EEPROM, support non-secure BMW DDME ECU microcontroller.

4. CG100 with built-in calculator, supports calculate ISN, VIN and program CRC EEPROM

5. Supports CAS3 CAS3+CAS4 CAS4+ Key Programming

6. CG100 now can splite the quality for CAS Data

7. With CG100 ATMEGA Adapter in package.

CG100 ATMEGA Adapter for CG100 PROG III Airbag Restore Devices with 35080 EEPROM and 8pin Chip reading and writing.

The ATM adapter suppports:

  • 35080: M35080DQ080, M35080DQ160, M35080 3/6, M35080 V6 / VP (5 seconds to adjust mileage: directly read and write)
  • ATMEGA Parallel: MEGA8L, MEGA48, MEGA88 (can erase the second-hand ATMEGA8L for re-use) MEGA16, MEGA32, MEGA169
  • 24 Series: 24C01 24C02 24C04 24C08 24C16 24C32 24C64 24C128  (read and write)
  • 93 Series: 93c46 93c56 93c57 93C66 93c76 93c86   (read and write)    
  • 25 Series: 25010 25020 25040 25080 25160 25320 25640 25128 25256 (read and write)
  • 95 Series: 95010 95020 95040 95080 95160 95320 95640 95128 95256 95512 (read and write)
Add 9S08GL16 CPU Parallel FLASH:

AMD: AM29BL802D (can erase the FAW REIZ MT34 immobilizer)

The software adopt to operate interface with wizard-style, data arbitrarily rewrite, MCU pin identification and detection, full support for CPU airbag computer repair.

Supported operating systems software: XP/WIN7/WIN8/32bit/64bit

1. Support and Adoption: Renesas

R5F61797, RF61725, R5F61723, R5F61721, the model in the computer are assembled as follows: Toyota, Honda, Subaru

2. Support and Adoption: 

64A-72F,XC2364A-104F,XC2365A-56F,XC2365A-72F,XC2365A-104F,XC2361B-24F,XC2361B-40F,XC2363B-24F,XC2361B-40F,XC2364B-24F,XC2364B-40F,XC2365B-24F,XC2365B-40F,the model in the computer are assembled as follows: Nissan, Suzuki, Hyundai, Ford, Mazda, Land Rover, Jaguar, GM.20seconds of read and write.this speed  supported  is exclusive  in the wordwide.

3.Support and Adoption: Freescale

MPC5604P(0M26V)(1M36W)the model in the computer are assembled as follows:Honda

4. Support and Adoption: ST

SPC560 the model in the computer are assembled as follows:Volkswagen

5. Support and Adoption: CPU

ATMEGA169, ATMEGA32, ATMEGA16, ATMEGA8, ATMEGA88, ATMEGA48. The instrument model tune number of kilometers

CG100 PROG Airbag Restore Devices Supported  MCU model:

R5F61721  R5F61723 R5F61725 R5F61797
XC2336A XC2336B XC2361A XC2361B XC2361E XC2360A XC2360B XC2387C XC2320S XC2310S  Time of reading and writting as 25seconds
0M26V MPC5604

Packing Including:

1pc x CG PRO III Programmer
1pc x BDM+4 Adapter
1pc x Key Adapter
1pc x CAN Adapter
12pcs x Welding Line
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x 12V Power Supply
1pc x ATMEGA Adapter
1pc x EEPROM Adapter
1pc x AVR Adapter
1pc x AVR V2.0 Adapter
1pc x EEPROM-SO Adapter
1pc x FLASH Adapter

CG100 V6.1.3.0 Update Log:

Programmer increase the following chip models:

 Renesas M32186F8

 NEC R7F701330

Programmer Increase the following chip models











1. Airbag Increase the following models

  WuLing 560 23945367 

  VOLVO XC90 P31451730

  Haima S5 SA12-57-K30

2. 9S12 algorithm improvement

  BAIC E130 (Need to sync BCM) 9S12HZ128 

  BAIC E150 (Need to sync BCM) 9S12HZ128 

  BAIC E180 9S12HY64 

  BAIC Senova D50 2014(15) 9S12XHY256 

  BAIC Senova D50 2016 9S12XHZ512 

  BAIC Senova D60 2015 9S12XHY256 

  BAIC Senova X65 2015 9S12XHY256 

  Besturn B90 9S12XHZ512 

  Besturn X80 9S12XHZ512 

  Buick Excelle 2013-2015 9S12HZ256 

  ChangAn Alsvin 9S12HA48 

  ChangAn Alsvin V3 mode 1 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn Alsvin V3 mode 2 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn Alsvin V5 2013 9S12HY48 

  ChangAn Alsvin V7 2015- 9S12XHY128 

  ChangAn Auchan 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn AuchanA800 9S12XHY128 

  ChangAn CS15 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn CS20 9S12HY48 

  ChangAn CS35 9S12XHY128 

  ChangAn CS35 9S12XHY256 

  ChangAn CS75 9S12XHZ512 

  ChangAn CX20 2014- 9S12HY48 

  ChangAn CX70 2015- 9S12XHY128 

  ChangAn ChangAnZhiXin II(9S08LG16) 9S08LG16 

  ChangAn EADO 2012- 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn EADO 2015 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn EADO 2016 9S12XHZ512 

  ChangAn EADO XT 2015(HY64) 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn Eulove (HA32) 9S12HA32 

  ChangAn Eulove HY64 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn Honor (HA32) 9S12HA32 

  ChangAn Honor (HY48 9S12HY48 

  ChangAn Honor (HY64) 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn JinNiuXing (HA32) 9S12HA32 

  ChangAn JinNiuXing (HA48) 9S12HA48 

  ChangAn MINI 2016 9S12HY64 

  ChangAn MiNi 2013 9S12HA32 

  ChangAn Pickup (HA32) 9S12HA32 

  ChangAn Raeton 2013- 9S12XHZ512 

  ChangAn RuiXing 9S12HA48 

  ChangAn V7 2015- 9S12XHY128 

  ChangAn XingKa 2012 9S12HA32 

  ChangAn Xingka 9S08LG16 

  ChangAn ZhiShang XT (XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512 

  Chery Arrizo 3 2014(15) 9S12HY64 

  Chery Arrizo 7 (HY64) 9S12HY64 

  Chery Arrizo 7 2014(XHY256) 9S12XHY256 

  Chery Cowin 9S12HA64 

  Chery Cowin 2 2013 9S12HA32 

  Chery Cowin 2 2016 9S12HY64 

  Chery E3 2015(16) 9S12HY64 

  Chery E5 2014 9S12HY64 

  Chery EQ 9S12HY64 

  Chery FengYun 9S12HA64 

  Chery Karry 9S12HA32 

  Chery Karry small truck 2019 9S12HA32 

  Chery M7 9S12HY64 

  Chery QQ 9S12HA64 

  Chery QQ 2013 9S12HA32 

  Chery QQ 2014(HA32) 9S12HA32 

  Chery Tiggo (XHY128) 9S12XHY128 

  Chery Tiggo (XHY256) 2013 9S12XHY256 

  Chery Tiggo 3 2015- 9S12XHY128 

  Chery Tiggo 5 (XHY128) 2016 9S12XHY128 

  Chery Tiggo 5 (XHY256) 2013-2016 9S12XHY256 

  Chevrilet Epica 9S12HZ256 

  DongFeng DongFeng XiaoKang 9S12HA32 

  DongFeng Fengguang 330 9S12HA32 

  DongFeng Fengguang 360 9S12HA32 

  DongFeng Fengguang 370 9S12HY32 

  DongFeng Lingzhi M3 9S12HA32 

  FJMOTOR Keyton (HY32) 9S12HY32 

  FJMOTOR Keyton (HY64) 9S12HY64 

  Ford Focus 2009 (XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512 

  Geely EC7 XHY128 9S12XHY128 

  Geely EC7 XHY256 9S12XHY256 

  Geely Emgrand (XHY256) 9S12XHY256 

  Geely Englon (HY64) 9S12HY64 

  Geely Englon (HZ128) 9S12HZ128 

  Geely Gleagle 9S12XHZ512 

  Great Wall C30 9S12HY48 

  Great Wall C30 2011 9S12HY48 

  Great Wall H6 (HY64) 9S12HY64 

  Great Wall H6 (XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512 

  Great Wall Wingle 6 9S12XHY256 

  HaFei LuBao (HA64) 9S12HA64 

  Haima Family (HA32) 9S12HA32 

  Haima Family (HA48) 9S12HA48 

  Haima Family (HY64) 9S12HY64 

  Haima FuShiDa (HY32) 9S12HY32 

  Haima FuShiDa (HY64) 9S12HY64 

  Haima HaiMa S5 2014 9S12HY64 

  Haima HaiMa S5 2016 9S12XHY128 

  Haima M5 9S12HY64 

  Haima Qiubite 2013 9S12HA48 

  Huasong Huasong 2015 9S12XHZ512 

  JAC HaoWei 9S12HA48 9S12HA48 

  JAC HaoWei 9S12HY48 9S12HY48 

  JAC JAC M5(1M80F) 9S12XHZ512 

  JAC Kangling 9S12HA48 

  JMC JMC Pickup 9S12XHZ256 

  JMC JMC Pickup 2016(HA32) 9S12HA32 

  JMC JMC Pickup 2016(HA48) 9S12HA48 

  JieFang Dragon V 2014 9S12HZ128 

  JieFang JieFang J6 2012 9S12HZ128 

  JieFang JieFang J6 2017 9S12HZ256 

  JinBei JinBei 2015(HA32) 9S12HA32 

  JinBei JinBei HIAC 2012 9S12HY64 

  JinBei JinBei HIAC 2013- 9S12HA48 

  KINGLONG KingLong 2013 9S12XHZ512 

  KINGLONG KingLong 2014 (HA32) 9S12HA32 

  KINGLONG KingLong 2014 (HY32) 9S12HY32 

  KINGLONG Minibus 9S12HA32 

  LandWind X5 9S12XHY128 

  LandWind X5 PULS 2016 9S12XHY256 

  LandWind X7 9S12XHY256 

  LandWind X8 2016 9S12HA32 

  Leopaard Leopaard 9S12XHY128 

  LiFan CA08 9S12HY64 

  LiFan Lifan 520 2015 9S12HZ128 

  Luxgen U7 9S12HZ256 

  MAXUS G10 9S12HY64 

  MAXUS MAXUS (XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512 

  MG MG GS(synchronous BCM) XHZ256 9S12XHZ256 

  MG MG GS(synchronous BCM) XHZ512 9S12XHZ512 

  MG MG GT (synchronous BCM) 9S12XHZ256 

  Nissan Qashqai 9S12XHZ256 

  Nissan Venucia 9S12XHY128 

  Nissan X-TRAIL 2011 9S12XHZ256 

  North Benz North Benz 9S12XHZ256 

  Roewe Roewe 360 2015 9S12XHZ256 

  Roewe Roewe 550 2015 9S12XHZ512 

  Shaanxi Auto Dianniu No.1 9S12HY64 

  SouthEast Lioncel 9S12HA32 

  SouthEast SouEast LingShi V6 9S12HY64 

  SouthEast SouEast V5(HY64) 9S12HY64 

  SouthEast SouEast V5(XHY128) 9S12XHY128 

  Venucia Venucia 9S12XHY128 

  Volkswagen Santana 9S12HY48 

  WuLing BaoJun 630 2011 9S12HZ128 

  WuLing BaoJun 730 2015 (XHY256) 9S12XHY256 

  WuLing BaoJun 730 HY64 9S12HY64 

  WuLing BaoJun 730 XHY128 9S12XHY128 

  WuLing HA HY Double row 9S12HA32 

  WuLing HongGuang 9S12HA32 

  WuLing HongGuang S 9S12HA32 

  WuLing RongGuang 9S12HA32 

  WuLing RongGuang single-row 9S12HA32 

  WuLing Sunshine 9S12HA32 

  WuLing WuLing van 2013 9S12HA32 

  WuLing ZhengCheng (9S12HY64) 9S12HY64 

  Xiali N3 2012 9S12HA48 

  Xiali N3+ 2012 9S12HA48 

  Xiali XiaLi N3 9S12HY48 

  Xiali XiaLi N7 2013 9S12HY48 

  Xiali XiaLiA+ 9S12HA48 

  YeMa YeMaT70 9S12XHZ512 

  Yutong Yutong Bus 9S12XHZ512 

  Zhonghua FSV (HA48) 9S12HA48 

  Zhonghua FSV 2010- 9S12HZ128 

  Zhonghua H30 3475031-a8 9S12HA48 

  Zhonghua H330 (HA48) 2013- 9S12HA48 

  Zhonghua H330 2017(XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512 

  Zhonghua H530 (XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512 

  Zhonghua H530 2012 (HZ128) 9S12HZ128 

  Zhonghua V5 (HZ128) 2012- 9S12HZ128 

  Zhonghua V5 (XHZ512) 9S12XHZ512 

  Zotye Domy 9S12HA64 

  Zotye Domy X5 ZB1831 9S12HY48 

  Zotye T600 ZB183P1 9S12HY48 

  Zotye Yun 100 2015 9S12HY48 

  Zotye Z200 9S12HY48 

  Zotye Z300 9S12HY48 

  Zotye Z300 2014 9S12HY48 

  Zotye Z500 9S12HY48 

  Airbag Changan 3658100-MK01-W01-A

Programmer Increase the following chip models

  TI TMS570LS1113

  TI TMS570LS1224

  Serial Flash 93C66A

  Serial Flash 93LC66A

  Serial Flash 25512

  Serial Flash 95512

  Serial Flash 24C512

Airbag Increase the following models

  WuLing 560 23949541 R7F7010080

  Ford GN15-14B321-BF TC222

Atmel increases the following 42 models 

  FOTON Oumake ZB158E8A5

  FOTON Time truck

  FOTON YuLing Lighttruck

  Geely T-ZB137LS V4

  JAC ZB157E 3820030P101

  JAC K3 ZB158H

  JAC WeiLing 3801910E8514XZ

  JMC 3820010038 ZB132M

  JMC Baodian 380010040 ZB132M8

  JinBei 3101467 V2




  LiFan LF70336

  LEOPAARD Qibing ZB115H10B


  T-KNG V1

  T-KNG V2

  WuLing 23865547 T-ZB112A

  WuLing 24565149 M3502-A

  WuLing 24565149 M3502-A V2

  WuLing 24565150 M3503-A

  WuLing W380-20 24V

  WuLing ZB110B V2

  WuLing ZB160M2

  Xiali V1

  Xiali V2

  Hyundai 3820001-NJ1062D1

  FAW-JIABAO 3820010D6J6 V1

  FAW-JIABAO 3820010D6J6 V2

  Yutong BUS ZB2081

  ChangAn CK3820-100P7G

  ChangAn newBaowang CK3820-100N18

  Great Wall Fengjun5 ZB157K

  Great Wall Fengjun5 ZB157K3

  ZhongXing ZB101BC

  ZhongXing Pickup TJ-ZB102BQ BQ3820010-0600

  SouthEast M3158-523-00(Lingyue 8Hole)

  FuDi ZB158H7

  Ford Transit ZB176A2



Xhorse VVDI2 Complete Version with Free Mini Key Tool 

Xhorse VVDI Benz MB BGA TOOL with Free Mini VVDI Key Tool

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