Super ICOM PRO N3+ BMW Full Configuration Plastic Box Supports DoIP J2534

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3 SUPER ICOM PRO N3+: Full Configuration Device Only Super ICOM PRO N3+ BMW Full Configuration Plastic Box Supports DoIP J2534
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Product Description

The Super ICOM Pro N3+ is developed on the basis of BMW's special inspection devices ICOM A1, A2, A3, and N3. On the basis of inheriting the advantages of these products, N3+ optimizes and upgrades them. It is 100% compatible with the original BMW special inspection software without any software changes, and J2534 and DOIP are added on the basis of the special inspection. 

Super ICOM PRO N3+ BMW Diagnostic Tool Supports DoIP J2534

The N3+ is the same as the N3, with one code for one machine, and the wireless is bonded with the machine code, which is convenient for customer service and product tracking.


  • Supports WiFi and USB connection. 
  • Firmware update online
  • Replace ICOM Next and ENET cable. Fully compatible BMW ICOM original software
  • With OBDII to 20-PIN cable for old BMW and 10-PIN cable for BMW motorcycle
  • Compatible with DoIP protocol 
  • Can be used as J2534 Passthru device, You need to change the mode as J2534 ,driver link free download.
*To use N3+ as Benz DoIP device, you need to have Benz license activated. 
The device does not include Benz or ICOM software.

super icom pro n3 feature 1

SUPER ICOM PRO N3+ Features:

Dual Heat Dissipation Design:
The N3+ product adopts a dual heat dissipation design of a fan and a heat sink, which has not yet appeared on the market in the BMW special inspection and greatly improves the durability and stability of the product's communication in high-temperature environments.

USB and WiFi connection:
Wired USB mode: Wired adopts standard USB3.0 interface. Compared with the old RJ45 network port of the original factory, we have better compatibility and stronger applicability for existing general-purpose computers and tablets. (The first time you need to set the dedicated IP address)
Wireless mode: The latest low-power consumption design is used for wireless mode, which reduces the heat of the product in use and greatly improves the speed and stability of wireless communication. After one wireless connection, it can be automatically connected after booting. (Wireless needs to be wired disconnected.)
super icom pro n3 connection
super icom pro n3 motorcycle connection
Firmware Update Online:

The Super ICOM Pro N3+ adopts the original ICOM solution. The firmware upgrade is synchronized with the original factory and the steps are the same.   If there is an update to the firmware in the future, users can download it from the official website of the original factory and then upgrade. Current firmware version goes to V149. 

How to update Super ICOM Pro N3+ firmware?
SUPER ICOM PRO N3+ firmware
 Super ICOM Pro N3+ IP address

Optimized Main Cable
Because the communication protocol of N3+ includes K line, CAN line and local area network (DOIP) communication, in order to ensure the stability of communication, we have optimized and improved the main cable for testing, which is not an ordinary OBD cable.
One-key Switch Button
On the basis of N3, the N3+ adds a one-key switch button, which can be freely switched between BMW ICOM software and DoIP/J2534 software by pressing and holding it for 3 seconds.

super icom pro n3 one key button
Mobile App
Supports BMW APP software, provides mobile phone English version of Bimmercode (coding hidden functions activation) Bimmerlink (diagnostics codes clearing) and other mobile phone software, supports MHD .Bimmergeeks .. XHP Flashtool and other mobile apps.
Mobile App
Super ICOM Pro N3 Plus Functions:
1. BMW ICOM device (NEXT A3)
N3+ adopts the same technology as BMW's special tester, and its comprehensive performance is much higher than similar products. All BMW's test software can run 100% without any problems, and all test results are 100% consistent with the original factory. The test scope includes BMW cars, motorcycles, Rolls Royce and so on.
2. J2534 device
N3+ can use the J2534 protocol to read through after switching with one key. It is compatible with the 6-pin and 14-pin CAN communication and the 7-pin K-line communication of the OBD port. It can use Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Honda, Land Rover and other special inspection software with J2534 interface.

3. DOIP device
N3+ can use DOIP network communication protocol after one-key switching, which can solve the problem that Volkswagen 5054 and Mercedes-Benz C4 cannot test new cars without DOIP.

4. WIFI device
When N3+ uses the BMW special inspection software, it is more convenient and faster to use WIFI, without any configuration on the computer. After one-key switching, WIFI can use BMW's mobile phone hidden functions activation and test software, which can be used to test the DOIP of Mercedes-Benz Volkswagen before 2023.

How to set up Super ICOM N3 as J2534 or DoIP device?

Package Includes:
1pc x SUPER ICOM PRO N3+ main host
1pc x OBD cable
1pc x USB cable(2 meters long)
1pc x 20-pin round head cable
1pc x 10-pin motorcycle cable



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How to Connect Super ICOM Pro N3+ via USB

Super ICOM Pro N3+ test with DTS 9.02 for MB DOIP

Super ICOM Pro N3+ test DOIP MB C206

How to Update Super ICOM Pro N3+ Firmware

Super ICOM Pro N3+ with Toyota Techstream

How to Connect Super ICOM Pro N3+ via WiFi

Tech Support

Part I: How to set up Super ICOM Pro N3+ as J2534 and DoIP Device

Super ICOM Pro N3+ is not only a BMW ICOM diagnostic tool but a J2534 and DoIP device. Here is the instruction on configuring ICOM pro N3+ as J2534 and DoIP device.


N3+ has a one-key switch button to switch between ICOM software and J2534/DoIP software.

SUPER ICOM PRO N3+ switch button


How to Set up Super ICOM Pro N3+ as J2534 Passthru Device?

Download and install J2534 software (Toyota techstream, GM GDS2, Honda HDS, VAG ODIS etc, search software on our blog)

Download and install N3+ J2534 driver

super icom pro n3+ j2534 driver install 1
super icom pro n3+ j2534 driver install 2

Connect N3+ with USB cable, long press N3+ switch button for 3s, wait until USB and WiFi indicators on the main unit flash.

Run J2534 software, and select VCI type as mongoose vci.

Software is ready to use. For example, N3+ works fine with Toyota Techstream in Passthru mode.

super icom pro n3+ j2534 1
super icom pro n3+ j2534 2

How to Use Super ICOM Pro N3+ for Benz DoIP?


ICOM Pro N3+ is compatible with DoIP protocols.  To enable Benz DoIP Mode, you also need to long press the one-key button on the ICOM Pro N3+, same as J2534 Passthru mode.

Apart from this, to use ICOM Pro N3+ with Benz Xentry/DTS you also need to have Benz license activated. (Devices purchased before Oct. 1st, 2023 will receive Benz license activation for free.)

After activation, you will receive a J2534 configuration tool to switch the device to DoIP mode.  Then you can diagnose Mercedes Benz with Xentry software (#SS221- series, same software for MB SD C4 DoIP.)

*Note: You cannot use C4 software directly with the ICOM Pro N3+. Must have license activated and switch in config. tool.

super icom pro n3+ doip mode

Part II: How to connect Super ICOM Pro N3+ via USB and WiFi

Super ICOM Pro N3+ diagnostic tool supports USB and WiFi connection.

How to connect Super ICOM Pro N3+ via USB?

First time use the device requires to set up IP address. 

1. Connect N3+ with power supply or power by OBD from car
How to connect Super ICOM Pro N3+ via USB 1
2. Connect N3+ with laptop with USB
3. Go to Network Connection, find out Realtek USB FE Family Controller network
How to connect Super ICOM Pro N3+ via USB 2
4. Click on Properties-TCP/IPV4

IP address to, 
Subnet mask:, 
Preferred DNS:
, click “OK”
How to connect Super ICOM Pro N3+ via USB 3
Note: Each N3+ is bound to 1 PC. If change another N3+, need to reset IP.  After disconnecting the USB cable, the network icon will disappear, and you don’t need to set the IP address again when you use the N3+ after the computer is wired or wirelessly connected to the Internet.

Then run ITool Radar, you will see ICOM device is connected.
How to connect Super ICOM Pro N3+ via USB 4

How to connect Super ICOM Pro N3+ via WiFi?

N3+ supports WiFi direct connection which is very easy. You have to disconnect USB cable before connecting with WiFi, otherwise you cannot see N3 ICOM SSID. 
Search for WiFi name "N3+ ICOM-****" and pair with password 12345689.  
How to connect Super ICOM Pro N3+ via WiFi 1
How to connect Super ICOM Pro N3+ via WiFi 2