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8 VNCI OBD2 Scanner: VNCI PT3G 2024 VNCI PT3G Porsche Diagnostic Scanner Supports CAN FD DoIP Compatible with Original PIWIS Software Drivers Plug and play
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Product Description

  1. Compatible with original PIWIS driver
  2. Supports both old and new Porsche
  3. Supports USB connection
  4. With 2-year hardware warranty.

VNCI PT3G Porsche Diagnostic Scanner Compatible with Original Driver

The VNCI PT3G Porsche Diagnostic tool is designed for diagnostic, programming and immobilizer operations on both old and new Porsche models. Compatible with the original Porsche diagnostic system PIWIS software driver, supports the latest PIWIS software and any PIWIS version. It can completely replace the original Porsche diagnostic tool PT3G. VNCI PT3G supports USB connection.

Compatible with original PIWIS driver

Supports latest PIWIS software
Replace original Porsche diagnostic tool PT3G
Supports USB connection
With 2-year hardware warranty
Any version of PIWIS3 software is supported without any cracking patch.
PIWIS engineer software v38.25+  
PIWIS diagnostic software v42.10+
Multi-language: 23 languages, including German, English, Chinese, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, and Dutch
Software not included. Optional PT3G V41.600 + V38.250 Hard drive
Download PIWIS OEM driver 

Support Porsche 9PA 9YA 9YB 92A 95B 918 970 971 981 982 986 987 991 992 996 997 Y1A and all Porsche models from 1996 to the present.

vnci pt3g feature

Introduction to PIWIS3 diagnostic system

The PORSCHE PIWIS Diagnostics system is used for fault finding diagnostics and code refresh programming of the control unit for Porsche vehicles, and the PIWIS3 TESTER integrates complete diagnostic functions for all Porsche models. PIWIS3 also allows different control units to be read simultaneously, simplifying diagnostics. Ecus can be coded automatically, individually, or from a control table. The PIWIS3 vehicle status record (known as the VAL Protocol - Vehicle Analysis Log) is now automatically registered when the vehicle is in use, during maintenance, and after maintenance has been completed. The PIWIS3 can be used for DC and AC voltage measurement, DC and AC current measurement, diode test, resistance measurement, on/off or open circuit test to show the change of voltage, current and resistance over time, with oscilloscope function.

PIWIS3 Software system Troubleshooting Guide is faster and easier to use. It can display all diagnostic information, initiation procedures, and possible fault sources, and significantly revised "guided fault finding" (GFF) means that repeated repairs (" first fix ") are further reduced. Integrated online teaching function, easy operation, integrated new database, direct access to the Porsche PIWIS workshop technical information system


Piwis3 features:

1. Diagnose the application
2. Boot Fault Finding (GFF)
3. Actual value/input signal function
4. Drive link/test function
5. Maintenance/repair function group
6. Coding function group
9. Application of wiring diagram
Supports Porsche PPN online remote, has the latest PIDT engineering database, allows you to code Panamera, Cayenne E3, Taycan and more

Free download VNCI PT3G firmware update tool (PT3G Device Manager)

vnci pt3g software feature 2

Features and specifications of the PIWIS system

Read/clear error codes, capture data flow, computer programming matching, component testing, service information consulting, component field drawing, wiring diagram.

Porsche Piwis Tester IV works with old and latest Porsche cars. It comes with a Panasonic laptop and original test software. The Porsche Piwis Tester IV helps you diagnose and program the latest and old Porsche cars. Examples include the 911(997)(991), Boxster/Cayman(987), 2010-2010 Cayenne, 2011-2011 Cayenne, and Panamera.

The new Panamera can only be diagnosed using the Porsche Piwis Tester IV. According to the current project plan, all early models will be gradually replaced by the new Porsche Piwis Tester IV by the end of 2010. The Porsche PIWIS Tester IV covers all-new Porsche models such as the all-new Panamera 971, Cayenne 9Y0 E3, Panamera 992, Cayman 982 GT4 Clubsport, etc., which do not support the PIWIS II at all. Will not support it in the future.

Support Porsche. Once the early diagnostic procedures are transferred to the Porsche Piwis Tester IV, the Piwis Tester I will no longer be available. When Porsche Piwis Tester IV is distributed, it will include a basic software. This is necessary to start and configure the tester. This system will support Porsche Macan CarPlay activation and PPN online remote support, it does not support Porsche CarPay full screen activation.

Porsche Piwis Tester IV support system
Engine automatic transmission, air conditioning, SRS, ABS, ASR, MPL, GM, original anti-theft system, keyless system, OBDII system.
Porsche Tekken Sport software update
Second-hand ECU CP module is unlocked
VTS disable
2019-2022 Sport Chrono Sport plus remote activation of PIWIS4 and 5054A VCI
Each project checks the OEM retrofit wiring diagram, such as 360 Surround view, ACC, AMP
OEM modification remote guide technical support hourly or per VIN login check
OEM Apple CarPlay activation for the Porsche Macan 95B via PPN online
PIWIS 4 System update supports PPN online and PIDT new
Porsche Taycan Sports Software Update -
Used ECU module CP unlock -
VTS Disable -
Check the OEM retrofit wiring diagram for each project -
OEM retrofit remote guide technical support every hour
Porsche OEM refit, please specify item -
OEM Apple CarPlay online activation via PPN -
PIWIS3 System update supports PPN online and PIDT new -
SMARTPCM Device Suite for PCM Solutions -
PCM5 MH2p Full screen CarPlay enabled -
PCM5 MH2p Android automatic activation -
PCM4/4.1 MHI2 Android Automatic activation -
PCM5 MH2p system Region conversion USA -> EU, USA -> Japan, USA - tw -
PCM4/4.1 MHI2 system Region Conversion USA -> EU, USA -> Japan, USA - tw -

VNCI PT3G vs OEM PT3G vs Custom VAS 615A vs Other PT3G

VNCI PT3G vs OEM PT3G vs Custom VAS 615A vs Other PT3G
Package Includes: 
1pc x USB cable 
1pc x VNCI main unit



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VNCI PT3G Diagnose 2008 Porsche Cayenne 9PA Engine

How to Install VNCI PT3G driver

VNCI PT3G Not Connect with Software Solution

Tech Support

How-to: install VNCI Porsche PT3G PIWIS III device manager and update tool.


The device manager is used to update VNCI PT3G firmware online.

Download VNCI PT3G firmware update tool (Device Manager) on our webpage.

Install VNCI_PT3G_Device_Manager setup.exe until finished.

Install VNCI PT3G Device Manager Driver 1
Install VNCI PT3G Device Manager Driver 2
Install VNCI PT3G Device Manager Driver 3
Install VNCI PT3G Device Manager Driver 4
Install VNCI PT3G Device Manager Driver 5

Run VNCI PT3G Device Manager

Check device information serial number and firmware version

Install VNCI PT3G Device Manager Driver 6
Check if there is a new firmware/software version on server and run an upgrade.
Install VNCI PT3G Device Manager Driver 7