Lifetime Free Update [Chinese Version] Autel MaxiBAS BT506 Battery Tester 6V 12V 100-2000 CCA Battery Analyzer Used with MK808 MP808 MS906 MK906 MS908 MS909 Ultra

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Product Description

  1. Used as Adaptive Conductance an advanced battery analysis method, to produce a more accurate examination of the battery’s cold cranking ability and reserve capacity.
  2. Download the free and easy-to-use mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices, to use with the BT506 to perform testing and display test results.
Autel MaxiBAS BT506 Battery and Electrical System Analysis Tester 

What is Autel MaxiBAS BT506?
AUTEL MaxiBAS BT506 is a battery and electrical system analysis tool that enables technicians to view the health status of a vehicle's battery and electrical system. It is not an average battery tester because it measures not only the state of charge but also the battery state of health including its capacity, and its ability to maintain and store the energy. Using adaptive conductance (an advanced battery analysis method), AUTEL MaxiBAS BT506 can produce a more accurate examination of the battery’s cold-cranking ability and reserve capacity, which is vital to determine a battery’s true health.

BT506 Highlights

  • Supports in-vehicle and out-of-vehicle testing of passenger vehicle batteries
  • Test Flooded, AGM, AGM_Spiral, EFB and GEL Batteries
  • Battery Health Report / Temperature Compensation / Cloud-based Service
  • Battery Ratings: CCA, CA, MCA, JIS, DIN, SAE, IEC, EN, EN2, BCI, GB
  • In-vehicle testing of Battery, Starter, Charging system voltage (not amps)
  • Detection battery capacity range: CCA range 100-2000A
  • Test 6- and 12-volt Batteries
  • Test 12- and 24-volt Cranking/Charging Systems
  • Lifetime free software update, Data Logging, Repair Reports
  • Easy Operation: Easy to connect with Autel Scanner or smartphone
  • BT506 works with Autel diagnostic tablets for detailed vehicle battery, cranking and generator tests. Compatible models are: MK808BT, MK808TS, MP808BT, MP808TS, MS906BT, MS906TS, MK906BT, MS906 Pro, MS906 Pro-TS, MK906 Pro, MK906 Pro-TS, MS908S Pro, Elite, Elite II, MS909, MS919, Ultra, Ultra Lite. 

autel bt506 feature 1

What makes BT506 more highly cost effective?

  1. Free lifetime Updates
  2. Upgrade to BT508 (buy additional V200P)
  3. Wide Compatibility: Compatible with Autel wireless scanners (except MK908 MK908P)

Autel BT506 can work with 99% Autel Wireless Scanners, Such as :

  1. Basic 808 Series: MK808BT PRO MK808BT MK808S-TS MX808S-TS MK808Z-TS MK808TS MX808TS
  2. MP808BT DS808BT Series: MP808BT MP808BT PRO MP808BT KIT DS808S-BT MP808S-TS MP808Z-TS DS808S-TS DS808TS
  3. MS906 MK906 Series: MS906TS MS906BT MK906BT MS906 Pro MK906 Pro MS906 Pro-TS MK906 Pro-TS
  4. MK908 MS908 Series: MS908 PRO MS908S II MS908S PRO II MK908 II MK908 PRO II
  5. Elite Series: Elite Elite II Elite II PRO

Main Features of AUTEL MaxiBAS BT506
The BT506 is a new app-based battery analysis tool developed by Autel. Download the free and easy-to-use mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices, and use it with the BT506 to perform testing and display test results.
autel bt506 menu feature
autel bt506 test battery

BT506 Advanced features explore: Start Test + Charge Test + Battery Test

1. Generator Test

Generator test refers to test different parts of the charging system, including generators, rectifiers, rectifier diodes, etc., to obtain the real charging voltage value.

All battery data about ripple, no-load voltage, load voltage are displayed to customers.

2. Starter Test

Starter test help you analyze the starter motor, including start voltage and start time, to check if the starter motor is working properly.

  • Load voltage refers to the voltage measured when on-board electrical appliances (such as headlamps) are turned on.
  • No-load voltage is the voltage measured when all on-board electrical appliances are turned off.
  • Start time is the time it takes for the vehicle to turn on the engine

3. Battery Test

After battery test is completed, SOH (state of health), SOC (state of charge), voltage, current, rating, and specific guidance and suggestions can be visually displayed, and the batteries can be clearly divided into: Good Battery; Good & Recharge; Charge & Retest; Bad Cell; Replace Battery.

Color-coded results summary, a list of test data, and repair tips helps you perform battery test in easy way.

BT506 Advanced features explore
bt506 feature 2
BT506 has positive and negative alligator clamps which are polarity protected, so even if you reverse the clamps and put the negative on the positive terminal, it is OK. In fact, the LED on the tester is color-coded to alert the users of connection and testing status, so the testers will flash red to alert you that you have made the error.
autel bt506 indicator
The tester is Bluetooth enabled and that's how it shares the test information with the app.

Smartphone & Autel Scanner Compatibility

Different between traditional battery test, Autek MaxiBAS BT506 supports connect with Autel scanner and PC,which work together to perform complete battery test functions.

Steps to connect with mobile phone:

  1. Install the MaxiAP200 app (Android OS download it from Google Play, IOS download it from App Store)
  2. Click the MaxiAP200, register/login the Autel account.
  3. Scan the QR behind the BT506 to bind the BT506 to the phone
  4. Start battery scan

Steps to connect with Autel scanners:

  1. Click VCI manager APP to bind the BT506 to the scanner
  2. Click Battery Test App to start battery test

BT506 work with smartphone
Upgrade to BT508, Get All BT508's Features

Just extra purchase V200P, BT506 convert to BT508 immediately, you will get more superior battery test functions as belows:

  • Battery Change: Guides you to replace the battery step by step.
  • Complete battery replacement proccess: Battery Type---Preparation---Replace battery---New Battery Test ---Battery Test.
  • Autel BT508 offers unique battery registration guidance and one-click registration of new batteries for 53+ car brands. After the battery is replaced, some component position Settings may be lost. In this case, the electrical reset function can reset the previous data, allowing the entire vehicle electrical system to recover normal.
  • All System Diagnostics: After equipped with V200P, BT508 supports all systems diagnostics for only one vehicle brand.(Optional)

bt506 update to bt508

Note: All above functions are BT508's features, only purchase V200P, unlock above functions.

AUTEL MaxiBAS BT506 Specifications
Connectivity: USB 2.0, Type C and Bluetooth V3.0 BR/EDR+ V4.2 LE Dual-Mode
Input Voltage: 5 V DC
Working Current: <   150 mA at 12 V DC
Internal Battery: N/A
CCA Range: 100   to 2000 A
Voltage Range: 6   to 36 V
Working Temperature: -10°to   50° C (14° to 122° F)
Storage Temperature: -20°   to 60° C (-4° to 140° F)
Dimension (L x W x H): 107 mm (4.21“) x 75 mm (2.95”) x 26 mm (1.02”) (clamp cable not included)
Weight: 320g (0.7 lb.)

Packing List
1pc x  MaxiBAS BT506
1pc x  User Manual
The BT506 does not have a screen! 
To perform testing and display test results the BT506 must be used with an Autel MaxiSys tablet or other smart device (free 
iOS or Android apps available).

Battery Test App QR Code:
Battery Test App



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